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New Book:

The Conservative Environmentalist

Politicians, pseudo-experts, and other partisans have led us to believe that there are only two  approaches to climate change: doomerism or denial. Benji Backer, Executive Chairman and Founder of the American Conservation Coalition, argues that both are dead ends. In The Conservative Environmentalist, he delivers an entirely new strategy to take care of the planet while putting put the  economic interest of the American people first.  

Backer makes the compelling case that conservative principles are the key to climate solutions that  actually work. In this book, you’ll visit the country’s most diverse ecosystems and consequential  manufacturing hubs—from Utah coal mines and Texas oil fields to Louisiana wetlands and Rhode Island  offshore wind farms—witnessing the power of individual entrepreneurship and local problem-solving.  You’ll be inspired by groundbreaking efforts to strengthen earth’s ecosystems (that Green New Dealers  and other Big Government advocates would prefer to keep hidden), like partnerships between oil and gas  companies and environmental nonprofits to preserve thousands of acres of wetlands.  

Drawing on cutting-edge science, a deep understanding of local community needs, and his experience rallying politicians on both sides of the aisle to take action, Backer offers hope for everyone who cares about the state of the great outdoors. Fascinating, clear-headed, and full of surprises, The Conservative Environmentalist is the fresh, audacious approach needed to ensure a sustainable future, and particularly one that works for America.

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